EcoSmart Uganda Celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

EcoSmart Uganda Celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020


On 28th May, EcoSmart Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate the world Menstrual Hygiene Day( MHDay) for the year 2020. This is an annual awareness day to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management initiated by WASH united in 2014. This year, it ran on the theme, It is time for action. To benefit the girls and women as its aim suggests, EcoSmart Uganda embarked on numerous awareness activities and this was mainly through the digital measures due to hindrances caused by the novel COVID19 where it is important to keep social distance and so on. A video enlightening about EcoSmart Uganda celebrating MHDay 2020, and menstrual experiences was shared on the different social media sites. Click here to watch the video. EcoSmart team members aired out their views about the menstrual matters and these are captured in the image below.

Different Messages from EcoSmart Uganda Team Members.

EcoSmart hosted a Facebook live discussion led by our Cofounder Lydia Asiimwe who shared about a vital topic; “Citing menstruation as one of the leading causes of school dropout among girls”. She cited that among the 55 schools that EcoSmart had visited in western Uganda, non of them had menstrual hygiene  facility and this was a very big setback.In addition, most of the girls missed school during their menstruation periods. Find the video here

It was evident from the feedback received that there is still a great gap in reaching women in hard to reach areas, our efforts are still aligned to ensure that vulnerable people in hard to reach areas get to also access menstrual materials  and education. During these celebrations, we were able to reach out to 2000+ people and engaged over 400 people on our media platforms. 

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